Squads in 2024

General Information

  • Kory conducts a range of squads which are listed below.
    - Details about each program can be found by clicking the "Learn More" button.
  • Shin pads are not compulsory, but if you have then we recommend using them.
  • Leave your soccer ball at home: we provide all the balls.
  • All squads are fully programmed by Kory.
  • Most sessions are coached by Kory.
  • More detailed information about each type of squad is available by clicking on that squad button below.
    - When Kory is unavailable he uses one of the many coaches he trains and mentors.
  • All children in all KBFA Squads receive a KBFA Player Jersey as part of their rego fee.
    - One Jersey per player.
    - Replacement Jerseys must be paid for ($30 each), so don't lose it :)

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Football FUNdamentals Squad

TERM 2 2024.
After school squad program for primary school boys and girls. Great for absolute beginners through to club players. Kory focus's on teaching all the fundamental skills players need to enjoy playing and improve.

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Rep Prep Squad

TERM 2 2024.
Drills are harder and more intense in these squads. Kory lists the intensity and challenges the players to improve their skills. It suits girls and boys who aspire to play Rep Football and/or improve as fast as possible.

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Sunday Squad

TERM 2 2024.
Kory runs this squad for the players who want to excel. The intensity is higher and the players are expected to train hard, so it is for girls and boys who want to improve as fast as possible.

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Invite Only "Pop Up" Squad

Term 2 2024 Invitation Only sessions conducted by Kory for Rep level players from 8 to 13 years.

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