About Kory Babington

Korys CV basics

  • 2002: Completed Bachelor of Health Science and Diploma of Education.
  • 2003: First year as a full time PDPHE Teacher.
  • 2008: Obtained AFC-FA "A-License"
  • 2014-Present: Director of Football at Westfields Sports High School (WSHS),
  • 2019: Launched KBFA
  • 2021-Present: Assistant Coach Young Matilda's.

Other Football Experiences

  • Head Coach of FNSW Junior Rep Squads
  • Head Coach of Western Sydney Wanderers FC U20's.
  • Head Coach St George FC 1st Grade.
  • Assistant Coach Macarthur Bulls FC NPL.
  • Head Coach of several SAP's & Local Club teams.
  • Football Consultant to XPS Network global clientele.
  • Director of Content for Football Made Easy & School Sport Made Easy
  • Football Director at Kory Babington Football Academy

Outside Football

Kory has not taught PDHPE since 2014, so his professional life is 100% Football.
He lives in Sutherland Shire with his wife and 3 children.
Kory's passion for Football runs through the family, but they also enjoy numerous other sport based activities.

Kory, FIFA, & FA

  • In 2017, Kory was appointed as the Technical Coordinator of the first Football Australia (FA) High Performance Football School (Westfields Sports High School).
  • In 2017 Kory and Eric Abrams were FA’s representatives at the Asian Football Confederation Youth Football Conference.
  • In 2020 FIFA conducted a world wide analysis of the best football coaching programs.
    - Korys Westfields Sports High School Football program was included in the list of programs considered worthy of evaluation.
    - FIFA conducted a lengthy in depth analysis covering every aspect of Korys WSHS program.
    - FIFA subsequently acknowledged Korys WSHS Football program as an outstanding program that consistently produces international level youth footballers.

Kory and International Federations

  • Since 2019 many of the world's leading football federations and clubs have reached out to Kory requesting coaching content they could give their coaches and players to use.
    - This led to close collaboration with numerous European Club and Federation Technical Directors.
  • Denmark, Sweden, and Czech Republic are just some of the National Federations currently using Korys coaching content.
  • “Kory’s drill collection is the most extensive, high quality drill collection I have seen”
    Agust Thorkelson (Founder and CEO of XPS Network who's client list is 2nd to none).

Korys Westfields Sports High School program

  • Kory has been Director of Football at WSHS since 2014.
  • This WSHS program is unquestionably the most successful Junior Development program in Aus.
  • Since 2014 Korys WSHS program has produced :-
    10+ Socceroo and Matilda players
    35+ A-League and W-League players
    70+ National Junior Team players
    130+ State Representative players
  • Korys staff at WSHS include :-
    - 6 Football Australia national team coaches
    - A-League and W-League coaching staff
    - NPL coaches.
  • Numerous A-League, W-League, and NPL team coaches choose to send their own children to WSHS so they can be in Korys program.

Players in Korys programs

  • The success of these players is the result of their own effort and dedication to achieving their absolute best.
    - They have all spent considerable time in Korys programs, so he is proud to have played a role in their development journey.
    - Most of the players remain in close contact with Kory, and often return to his programs to inspire the the next generation.
  • Some of the players who spent a lot of time in Korys programs :-
    - Ellie Carpenter
    - Courtney Nevin
    - Kyra Cooney-Cross
    - Ramy Najjarine
    - Moudi Najjar
    - Antonis Martis
    - Daniel Wilmering
    - Maki Petratos
    - Luke Ivanovic
    - Samuel Silvera
    - Liam McGing
    - Gabriel and Kristian Popovic
    - Alex Gersbach
    - Terrry Antonis
    - Mustafa Amini
    - Milos Degenek
    - Chris Ikonomidis
    - Cameron Devlin
    - Keanu Baccus
    - Tate Russell
    - Johnathon Aspro
    - Mario Shabow
    - Lachlan Scott
    - Steven Kuzmanovski
    - Jaushua Sotirio
    - Tommy Juric
    - Princess Ibini-Isei
    - Angelique Hristodoulou
    - Taylor Ray
    - Shae Evans
    - Darcey Malone
    - Rosie Galea
    - Susan Phonsongkham
    - Isabel Gomez
    - Vesna Miliviojevic
    Plenty of great players not listed who should be.
    Blame the IT/website person.

Kory talks about Winning

Kory explains why coaching is ultimately all about Winning.

Please watch the video before you make a judgement on that philosophy.

We hope you are all winning.

FIFA's evaluation of Korys WSHS Football Program

Kory talks about the FIFA evaluation of his Westfields Sports High School Football Program.

During 2020 FIFA conducted a world wide research project into the best football development programs around the globe.

FIFA concluded that Korys programs at WSHS are of the highest standard in comparison to programs all around the world.