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That would be impossible because there is only one Kory.
Kory does personally conduct as many squad and camp sessions as he can, so he is actually on the Pitch coaching KBFA for the majority of KBFA sessions.
Kory has many assistant coaches who also conduct squad and camp sessions.
Every session of every squad and camp has been designed and programmed by Kory, so every single session and all coaching plans are set by Kory.

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Please read the information provided here.

FUNdamentals Camp information is here.
Rep Prep Camp information is here.

Yes. The only time Squads are not conducted is if their is Lightening near by; and we then take players inside.

Yes. Please refer to the specific Camp for what we do:-
FUNdamentals Camp wet weather info is here.
Rep Prep Camp wet weather info is here.

No. That said, if your child can no longer participate for the remainder of a term we will credit or refund for that - please refer to the question below.

If you know your child cannot complete a term of squad sessions then we will not charge you for the sessions they cannot attend.
In such cases, please email us. and we will sort it out with you.

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